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What to expect?

Our staff will perform an in depth walkthrough of your facility. During this time we will discuss any problem areas and the specific needs of your place of business.

Next, a customized cleaning program will be created to meet your specific needs.

We arrive on time to your first scheduled cleaning with a uniformed crew who is ready to work.

We come back to clean your building on the schedule that fits your business' needs.

You reap the benefits of a clean place of business.

Does your place of business need a good deep clean?

All our cleaning packages are fully customizable. A list of services that we offer to include in your custom package are:

  • Emptying all trash cans and replace liners throughout facility

  • Dusting and wiping down of all hard surfaces including desks and common areas

  • Disinfecting highly touched areas, including door handles and light switches

  • Cleaning of all entrance glass doors

  • Lightly dusting computer equipment

  • Vacuuming carpeting throughout facility

  • Dust mopping and damp mopping of hard floors throughout facility

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of restroom facilities

  • Restocking paper products and hand soap

  • Wiping down exterior surfaces of refrigerator, microwave & vending machines

  • Spot cleaning walls

Does your place of business need a 


Our restroom cleaning checklist ensures consistent detailed cleanings. Includes restocking of paper produtcs and refilling of hand soaps/sanitizers.

Kitchen &
breakroom cleaning

Our kitchen cleaning checklist ensures consistent detailed cleanings. Includes exterior of appliances and vending machines.


Common areas, office desks, bookcases, tables, computer screens, and anywhere dust collects.


We concentrate on the areas that are known to pass germs. Including, but not limited to, door handles, light switches, and telephones

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